5 Common Beginner Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

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If you are thinking of getting start with web design or if you are beginner at web design then this article can be very knowledgeable for you, because today, i am going to share with you some of the basic and most common web design mistakes.

1. Huge Navigation

When we start new web design we think big navigation bar will be better to the website visitors and end up with using huge navigation. When you doing mock design or design the website on your editing software it look okay, but when you are putting that into actual on the internet you will see is the difference between designing on the editing software and actual website, big navigation bar also take more time to appear on the web page.

2. Poor Hierarchy

Hierarchy is one the most important things that we always talk about and see lost of beginner graphic designer, web designer make mistakes by not really sure about what is the first priority, what thing should use and what not. Is very important to give only necessary information specially at the home page section not filling up with lost of text and not necessarily important information.

3. Minimalism Taken Too Far

Minimalism is super trendy, it’s pretty cool that being said you know when you’re taking minimalism over the edge it becomes kind of like too much. At the beginning we try to keep it as as clean as possible and up with very minimalism which hard to read, specially people those has eye problem, not only that minimalism text is hard to see little bit from long distance which means, don’t just think about yourself when you are designing the website front of computer, thing as how other people look at it, doest it look clear and readable from little long distance.

4. Image Text Contrast

If you are using lost of images at the homepage of your website then chance are you are using less text, and not really thinking about the importance of text, how both text and images are really matter each other, for example if you are using bright background then a white fonts it self would look at that great, if you are using low contrast background with white fonts it would look great as well. If you want make look fonts good the background images then try to use light behind the fonts like a shadow depending on your background images colors, and if you are using white background then simply try to use a black fonts or blue fonts colors that are brighter and look good with the white background.

5. Alignment & Balance

Is important to understand and think when you are designing something, what is the meaning behind it, lots of use design website but not really thing of where to the put the right elements, for example we reading something as F Shape which means ring to left side. Specially If you are designing website then you need thing of are you putting things in correct order where people can easily read or you just placing things that not in order and hard to follow while scrolling through home page.


This are was some of the basic mistakes made by new web designer, hope this article was helpful for you and have learned something new. If you any other suggestion or something you would like you share readings web design then don’t forget to drop them in the comment section below.

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